Global Studies

Global Studies
Social Studies A
English A

Our world is changing rapidly. The world of today will be different from that of tomorrow. What is at the root of these changes that inevitably continue to influence us?

The changing world is the focal point of Global Studies. We study how and why the world is changing and why some countries have more power and influence than others. Social Studies is taught in English. Detailed knowledge of English and cultural understanding is necessary in order to cope in a globalised world.

In Social Studies you will learn how to approach the world from an international, regional and national point of view. You will study various parts of the world, based on a wide range of terms and theories within Social Science and International Relations.

English is the most widely used language in the world, in business and between ordinary people. That is why English as a subject is designed to challenge you both orally and in writing, improving your ability to communicate across the globe.

At Global Studies is to be found as the second specialised study area with the combination "Samfundsfag A - Engelsk A". In the note it says that both subjects are taught in English. The combination Social Studies A and English A is also taught in Danish. This study area is called "USA-linjen" and is the first one with "Samfundsfag A - Engelsk A" at

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